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Premiership Coach

Premiership Coach

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Having been involved in now 38 Grand Finals for 27 ‘Premierships’ or ‘Championships’ we understand firsthand how important it is to have all levels of the organisation ‘flowing’.

The Premiership & Great Club program is a proven weekly system that is now available for any and all grass roots sports teams no matter what code. It is designed to turbo charge your team’s leadership, player engagement and culture, quickly and sustainably for years to come.

This unique and highly successful program will:

  1. Win you more games
  2. Build you a ‘greater’ team culture
  3. Create more authentic leaders on and off the field
  4. Get more team members engaged & seriously committed
  5. Fast track a culture that encourages more women, kids and responsible drinking
  6. Assist management and coaches so they can focus on other important jobs
  7. Create a GREAT club that will inspire new families, volunteers, members and corporate partners

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